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Explore the Aegean this September with Dr David Price-Williams and Rachel Ward

“Happy is the man, I thought, who has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.”
― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

This September Aegean Odyssey will sail to classical Athens, the monasteries in the sky at Meteora, the ruins of Ephesus, the crusader castle of Rhodes, beautiful Santorini as well as Mamma Mia island Skiathos. Two nights in Istanbul at the start of the journey will give you plenty of time to appreciate its historical treasures before embarking on a truly amazing two-week circumnavigation of the Greek isles and Turkey.

Santorini, the caldera wall

Santorini, one of the stops along the way…

Among the guest speakers who will accompany us on this cruise will be one of our most popular speakers, Dr David Price-Williams, who has a doctorate in Near Eastern archaeology from the University of London and is the author of numerous academic papers. David has worked in the field on excavation sites as well as designing and leading many tours to Greece and Turkey. He has shared with us the topics of his talks on board, based on what inspired him about our itinerary.

Dr David Price Williams on board Aegean Odyssey

Dr David Price Williams on board Aegean Odyssey

David Price Williams: “Archaeologically, this is such a fascinating and busy itinerary, so I have included six possible topics which I can focus on. If I had to choose just three, then probably those marked with * would be the best, though the Uluburun lecture is always much appreciated! Here they are:

~ Great is Diana of the Ephesians* ~
This will be an archaeological exploration of the cities of Asia Minor, specifically the archaeology of Aphrodisias & Ephesus from c. 350BC – 700 AD.

Celsus Library, Ephesus

Celsus Library, Ephesus

~ Minoans at Knossos and Akrotiri* ~
I will be speaking about the first civilisation of the European Bronze Age in Crete and the Cyclades. Is this the origin of the lost city of Atlantis?

~ The Topless Towers of Ilium* ~
Understanding the excavations of Troy in the Bronze Age, from Schliemann to the Twenty first century.

And these are my possible other intriguing lectures…

The Purple People
What did the Phoenicians ever do for us? The interface between the Near Eastern merchant venturers, the Greek World and the invention of the alphabet.

The Uluburun Shipwreck : A Late Bronze Age time capsule
Looking at the great trading empires of the East Mediterranean Late Bronze Age and the relevance of the Uluburun ship wreck excavation

Pericles and the Parthenon; Hidden meaning on the Acropolis
Groundbreaking new evidence suggests that the Parthenon was deliberately built as a mythological metaphor and that the Parthenon sculptures (The Elgin Marbles) were specifically designed to invoke the founding legends of Athens in order to inspire a sense of citizenship among its people”


Rachel Ward, an expert on Islamic art

Rachel Ward, an expert on Islamic art

Our second guest speaker on this cruise will be Rachel Ward, who  was curator of Arab-Islamic material at the British Museum from 1983-2000. She has lectured regularly there and at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). She is currently a NADFAS-accredited freelance lecturer and writer on Islamic art. Her work has been widely published, including books on Süleyman the Magnificent, Islamic Metalwork and Enamelled Glass. Her topics on this cruise will include:

Istanbul, Life and Art in the Ottoman Capital ~
Life in the palaces, mosques and markets of the new Ottoman capital and the art designed to complement it.

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

~ The Battles for Rhodes ~
The Ottoman army versus the Knights Hospitaller in Rhodes in 1480 and 1522.

~ Ottoman Pottery: Iznik, Lemnos and Çanakkale ~
The colourful pottery of Iznik has been admired by connoisseurs since the 15th century; tin-i makhtum, Lemnos’ sacred clay, was always prized for its medicinal qualities; the strange vessels from Çanakkale are yet to be appreciated…

We are looking forward to an amazing Aegean journey in the company of David and Rachel.
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