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Welcome on board to our new Shore Excursion team!

The summer season has begun and we are delighted to welcome a new Shore Excursion team on board! Aegean Odyssey has just completed its first cruise in the Mediterranean this year, an historic trip to the Holy Land, and the ship is now in Kusadasi.

It was the idea of our chairman, Gerry Herrod, to have young and enthusiastic experts on board the ship to assist our passengers while sightseeing. Each year we employ graduates of Classics, Archaeology, History and other relevant subjects to assist the guides on our fascinating sightseeing trips. They accompany our tour groups on all shore excursions assisting our guests where necessary, and with their expertise gained through their studies they are able to answer any questions our guests may have about of the sites visited.

The Shore Excursion Team (left to right): Robin, Grace, Jenny, Layla and William, ready to greet passengers at a Shore Excursion briefing.

The Shore Excursion Team (left to right): Robin, Grace, Jenny, Layla and William.

This year’s team includes:

• Robin, who is from Cumbria in the beautiful English Lake District and was once an officer in the army cadets. He has a BA in History and an MA in Field Archaeology. He has worked at several archaeological excavations including Jerash in Jordan.

• Grace, who has an MA in the Classical and Ancient World and a BA in Archaeology. She has worked at the British Museum and has assisted with archaeological excavations in Romania. Her hobby is open water diving so she feels very at home being at sea.

Jenny, our new Shore Excursion Manager, has a first-class degree in Leisure Management and she has much experience of life at sea and the destinations which we visit. She learnt her excellent customer service and management skills from working at Disney World in Florida as an intern, followed by a management position with the charity Age UK.

• Layla, who studied at Royal Holloway University of London and was a member of the cheerleading squad. She has a degree in Classical Studies, an MRes in Rhetoric and is an accomplished public speaker as well as an actor, singer and dancer.

• William, who has a BA in History and wrote his dissertation on the Suez Crisis. He has worked for a charity for the visually impaired and holds a qualification to guide people with impaired sight.

Our young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team help our passengers have a safe and enjoyable time whilst exploring on the many fascinating shore excursions to ancient sites. By the end of the summer season they will have seen more temples, theatres, cathedrals and castles than most of us will do in a lifetime!

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