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A Shorex team star on University Challenge

Last week we were very excited to hear that one of our all time favourite Shorex team members Joshua Pugh Ginn was on BBC’s University Challenge.

Josh was an integral part of our Shorex team in 2010 and 2011, after which he went to pursue his MA and PhD in Classics at Selwyn College, Cambridge.

Apart from being an extremely knowledgeable researcher, Josh also has quite a charismatic personality – we still get past passengers asking about him on board! What we do hope is that he will join us again, this time as a lecturer!

Joshua Pugh Ginn, ex-Shorex team member, Voyages to Antiquity, on University Challenge

Joshua Pugh Ginn and the Cambridge team on BBC University Challenge



  1. Debbie Muir says:

    My husband and I are really looking forward to the VTA experience. We sail in a few short weeks. My husband is such a history buff that he is anxious for the lectures and tours!

    1. Galabina Yordanova says:

      Hi, Debbie!

      We hope you enjoy your first Voyage to Antiquity. Two great speakers will be on board, a Classicist and a former foreign correspondent to the Balkans. There will be talks on the mysterious world of Mycenae, ancient Athens, as well as on Croatia and Yugoslavia from ancient times to recent history..

      We hope they will give rise to many engaging discussions over post-talk drinks and while ashore on tours! Do write to us when you arrive back to let us know what you thought.

  2. Paul Coppin says:

    Looking forward to our second VTA cruise, “the Footsteps of the Crusaders” in November.
    Getting a little concerned about the troubles in both Tunis and Israel. Not that I’d cancel, those sort of risks have never bothered me, I’m more concerned that the cruise might reroute to avoid these areas leaving us with a very much depleted cruise. Any comments?

    1. Olly Symonds says:

      Paul – glad to hear you are looking forward to it all! In any situation like this, we monitor things very closely, and have regular contact with our teams on the ground to ensure we see a fully-rounded picture. If our visiting the region could result in any perceived threat to our passengers, crew or ship then we will make decisions, and be in touch as early as possible with you about them. Until that point, if you have any specific enquiries you can of course contact our reservations team who will be only too happy to help or provide feedback!

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