Our wonderful 2018 journeys have been designed to take advantage of the seasons. Along the way, you will enjoy expertly-crafted tours of the great treasures of antiquity, scenic and river cruising and a variety of social events on board. Join us in 2018 as we explore some of the most impressive regions on earth and with part 3 and ultimately the final part of this blog series, we head south for autumn and end with the ancient treasures of lands such as Morocco and Egypt in North Africa. 

Spice market in Marrakech

Having enjoyed the temperate climate of northern Europe during high summer, Aegean Odyssey then heads south to the Mediterranean as she makes her way to the incredible civilisations of ancient Egypt and Classical Greece. Autumn brings more exciting and new experiences as Aegean Odyssey retraces her course back to the Aegean with a magnificent Mediterranean Odyssey – a journey from Lisbon around the coast of Spain, the French and Italian Rivieras and Italy’s great Renaissance cities a magnificent starter to our Autumn cruise programme.

Classical Greece, Ancient Egypt & Land of the Pharaohs

This year we are pleased to announce our welcome return to Egypt with a spectacular voyage combining the great sites of Alexandria and Cairo with a land tour of Classical Greece. This features overnight hotel stays in Delphi and Nauplia, plus included sightseeing visits to the monastery at Osios Loukas, Agamemnon’s Mycenae, and the remarkably well-preserved theatre at Epidaurus. Alexander the Great gave his name to the small port of Alexandria on the coast of Egypt in 331BC, it marked the moment when the ancient period of the Pharaohs was finally over and was replaced by the Hellenistic Era. During the next three hundred years the Ptolemies conquered the region and expanded the city, taking advantage of its perfect position between the Greek and Persian empires so that by the time Cleopatra began her reign as the last Ptolemaic ruler in 51BC, the vast pyramidal mausoleums containing the ancient God Kings which were built alongside the mysterious Great Sphinx of Giza were already over two thousand years old. The scale of these structures places them among the true wonders of mankind, as will become apparent when you gaze upon their breathtaking size during your two night trip to Cairo, where you will also visit the Egyptian Museum and the wonders of Memphis and Sakkara to gain more insight into this extraordinary civilisation.

Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza

Cruising the Canary Islands and exotic Morocco

La Palma is one of the most verdant of the Canary Islands, offering the opportunity to experience truly unspoiled nature. From the lush forests in the north to the desert landscapes of the south and the serene Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente, La Palma is a naturalist’s dream. By contrast Lanzarote is a place unlike anywhere else, with amazing geological features that have made its National Park of Timanfaya one of the most important in Spain. Elsewhere, the Famara Massive allows for magnificent views of the small group of islands and islets to the north known as the “Archipelago Chinijo” (The Tiny Archipelago). Morocco, with its rich culture, fascinating history and exotic atmosphere should be high on everyone’s travel list. Combining cruising with an exciting land-tour ensures that you see the very best of this wonderful country including the labyrinthine souk and the Marjorelle Gardens of Marrakesh, the medieval city of Fez and the Roman ruins of Volubilis.

Santa Cruz, La Palma

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