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Category Archives "Destinations"

Amazing and Surprising Beirut

Hello and Welcome to a few days of blogs from me (Ann) as I join the ship from our UK office. We are currently shooting a video on board Aegean Odyssey and as part of the project I’ve come out to see how things are progressing – in between my usual daily activities as PR for the UK office. I boarded the ship (Sunday) after a late afternoon flight from a very cold London the day before. The temperature when …

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An amazing weekend in the Valley of the Kings

What an early start! A 6:15am wakeup call to avoid the heat and the crowds at the world-famous Valley of the Kings. It was short drive out of Luxor to the West Bank of the river, over the Nile Bridge where the business of the day was already taking place. Just after 8:00am we arrived at the Valley of the Kings, with the temperature already a balmy 25C and the crowds gathering. Due to the heat and the weekend tourists, …

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Leptis Magna – A truly amazing day for our guests

For many of our guests on Aegean Odyssey’s first North Africa cruise, Leptis Magna in Libya will have been the highlight. As we approached the site, our guide said that on more than one occasion we would say ‘wow!’ When you sail around Europe visiting so many famous ruins as well as some of the lesser known ones – you tend to get a little blasé. ….whatever we thought!

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First Visit to Malta for Aegean Odyssey

The Grand Harbour in Valetta is one of the most amazing natural ports in the World. For such a small island, the Grand Harbour really sets the scene for one of the warmest welcomes we have had this year across the Mediterranean. From the decks we could clearly see the ‘Upper Barrakka Gardens’ right in front of us. Valetta’s public park offers visitors an excellent vantage point to view the whole of the Grand Harbour as well as the towns …

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Sunny Day in Nauplia, Greece

Unusually for this time of year the weather in Navplio was blue sky and very sunny. Importantly for a crew member who lives on a ship, it meant a whole day on dry land! We had to find our land legs and it was definitely worth it. It was a 45 minute drive to Epidaurus, but the scenery was breathtaking on such a clear beautiful clear day. Situated on the cool slopes of a wooded valley, Epidaurus was known throughout the …

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Cruising along the Adriatic

What an early start! That was the call that met us as we called our guests to disembark for their walking tour of Zadar situated on the Dalmation coast between Pula and Dubrovnik. But what a glorious day… the sun was shining as we all gathered to do our historic walking tour of the city.

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