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Did you know that Francis Broun was a Mud Angel in Florence?

Francis Broun has joined us on four cruises, including the one we filmed for the Travel Channel back in April. Francis is an art historian who brings an expert eye to each cruise. Always entertaining, his lectures enhance our classical programme on each cruise. This blog from his recent cruise from Cannes to Venice will also give you an insight into life beyond Francis’ interest in the history of art. —————— “My recent cruise from Cannes to Venice was my …

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“Does the Jordanian Government really need to get soldiers to dress up as Roman centurions and other highlights”..

Professor Robin Cormack is one of our most popular lecturers as well as the one of the most well-known. This blog was written following one of his cruises with Voyages to Antiquity at the end of 2011 and shows his journey through the Middle East including his first trip through the Suez Canal. — “2011 was the year that lecturing on the Aegean Odyssey became part of my annual diary, with a number of cruises spread over four weeks throughout …

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“Egypt and Voyages to Antiquity are a Special Combination..”

Dr Karen Exell has joined us on two Middle Eastern cruises over the last two years. As one of our younger lecturers, she has brought a new freshness to the history of ancient Egypt as well as wit and knowledge of an amazing period of classical history. (I was lucky to see her lecture at the end of 2010 on how the movies of the 20s and 30s have developed our perception of Egypt and Pharaohs- it was so entertaining!) …

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Romans, Minoans, Mycenaeans and a few other civilisations in just three weeks

Dr Joyce Salisbury joined us last month as we sailed on two cruises which covered the Adriatic and then the Greek islands. These popular cruise itineraries explore a number of different cultures covering many thousands of years. We were delighted that Joyce joined us from the US for these two back to back cruises and over the three weeks we received regular updates on her cruise. ——- Pula and Split Here on Aegean Odyssey, we have just finished two ports …

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Akrotiri Thera: after seven years it was well worth the wait!

Aegean Odyssey really was in the right place on Sunday when we were the first cruise ship to visit the re-opened Akrotiri Thera site on Santorini. Regarded by many as the ‘Pompeii of Greece’ the site was destroyed by a volcanic eruption nearly 4,000 years ago and was closed to tourists after a safety incident in 2005. Many of our guests were unaware that the site was being re-opened and as the first cruise ship into the island, we were …

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“Meet the Romans” – a new series by Mary Beard

As one of our most popular guest lecturers, Mary Beard always receives a warm welcome on board Aegean Odyssey. A specialist in Ancient Rome and a Professor at the University of Cambridge, Mary is one of the world’s leading authorities on Ancient Rome. At the end of her cruise with us in September last year, Mary stayed on in Rome to film a new series for the UK’s BBC2. Entitled ‘Meet the Romans’, the series looks at the day-to-day life of …

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