Packing for your cruise is never the most thrilling aspect of the experience, but it must be done. Where you go and what you plan to do will usually dictate some of the things you pack, but we think it’s always useful to have a list of things in one place that you need for almost every trip. Hopefully, that’s where our blog will help. We have compiled a ‘packing for your cruise’ checklist of essentials, just to make sure you never forget the most important things. 

MV Aegean Odyssey near Nauplia

MV Aegean Odyssey

Passport, Visas and Tickets

These are probably the most important of all the documents that you will need to bring with you on your cruise. Without your passport, chances are you won’t be going very far, so make sure you pack this safely, but ensure you pack it in your hand luggage – never put your important travel documents into your checked baggage. Not all our cruise destinations require guests to have visas, but if you do need one, ensure you arrange it well in advance of your sailing.


One of the most common things that people forget to pack (because it doesn’t go in the luggage until the last moment) is their medications. If you think you might forget, then we suggest leaving yourself a note next to your bags, this will hopefully ensure that you don’t leave it behind. As with passports, always pack your medications in your hand luggage.

Travel Insurance

One thing you should never travel without is travel insurance. It is incredibly important to arrange this before your cruise and ensure you have a cruise specific policy. Always make a note of your insurance policy number and emergency contact numbers. Keep the details on your person at all times and all keep a spare copy in your cabin safe. Medical care overseas can be very costly, so please, don’t leave home without the correct insurance cover.

Don’t forget your important travel documents.

Foreign Currency

We all like to buy a souvenir or two during our travels, but not all places (especially local markets) will accept credit cards, so ensure you bring some currency with you for the countries that you will be visiting. Again, ensure you keep this in your hand luggage. Of course, if you forget this, it’s not the end of the world as we offer a foreign currency exchange service at reception aboard Aegean Odyssey.


Please don’t forget your camera! We visit so many wonderful destinations that it would almost be criminal for you to leave your camera at home. Depending on the camera and whether you have special bags for it or not, you can pack this in your hand luggage or your checked bags, whichever you feel more comfortable with. As well as the camera, you must also remember to bring a memory card and batteries or a battery charger.

Plug Adaptor

Onboard Aegean Odyssey, the sockets are round 2-pin European, so you will need to bring an adaptor with you to ensure you can charge your devices etc. If you are joining one of our pre-or-post cruise land stays in England, you will need a 3-pin adaptor and if you are spending time with us on land in the Caribbean, you will need a flat 2-blade adaptor.

Hand Sanitiser

Although we have stations throughout the ship that we ask guests to use before entering any food, bar on entertainment area, we would advise that you bring a small, bag size bottle of your own sanitiser for your time spent ashore. A small packet of wipes may also come in useful for freshening up in humid destinations.

Foreign currency is a must have.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard Aegean Odyssey in the future. For more information and advice on what to bring with you on your Voyages to Antiquity cruise, please visit our Luggage and Packing page.

If you’re looking for cruise ideas, drop by our Cruise Calendar and see where in the world we could be taking you in 2019.