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Articles tagged "UNESCO"

View on french Riviera with yachts in Cannes

Spring in the Mediterranean

In May 2017, Aegean Odyssey will sail from the ancient city of Rome to the picturesque city of Nice on the French Riviera. It’s a springtime cruise that offers calls to some of the best destinations in the Mediterranean, over the course of 11-days, and includes 6 tours in 2 countries. The ideal spring break, and with a single supplement of only 10%, everyone can enjoy this wonderful journey with us. Aegean Odyssey will sail from Rome to the city …

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Anceint ruins of the mystical site of Ancient Olympia

Step back in time and experience Ancient Olympia

The Olympic Games bring the world together and Team GB have been doing incredibly well at the Rio 2016 Olympics – celebrating their most successful overseas Olympic to date. We do enjoy the beauty of the modern games, but what if we step back in time and journey to the place where it all began? The Ancient Olympia began in Greece, accessed via the port of Katakolon. It was held every four years throughout Classical Antiquity, from the 8th century …

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Aegean Odyssey in Delos

Greece is a country of many pasts and many presents by Alex Motyl

Guest lecturer Professor Alexander J. Motyl takes us on a journey from Athens to Athens, as he remembers his recent visit to Greece on board Aegean Odyssey last month. Having first travelled to Greece as a student in 1976; he has regularly visited the incredible architectural heritage of this beautiful region. There is the world of Minoan, Mycenean, and Athenian civilization. There is the world of the secular Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. There is the world of the sacred Christian Orthodox …

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Must-see destinations to visit in Europe for 2016

Broaden your horizons in 2016 as you travel aboard Aegean Odyssey to some of the best must-see destinations in Europe, and sample some of our new and exciting shore excursions. Bordeaux, Lisbon, Seville, Istanbul and Delos are each waiting for you to step ashore and explore. Bordeaux Bordeaux is famous for many things and it is certainly a destination that should feature on everyone’s bucket list. Aside from being famous for its delicious wines, some 1,810 hectares are also listed …

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Leptis Magna – A truly amazing day for our guests

For many of our guests on Aegean Odyssey’s first North Africa cruise, Leptis Magna in Libya will have been the highlight. As we approached the site, our guide said that on more than one occasion we would say ‘wow!’ When you sail around Europe visiting so many famous ruins as well as some of the lesser known ones – you tend to get a little blasé. ….whatever we thought!

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