The Loire, Gironde and Seine, Aegean Odyssey will be sailing them all in August 2018, as she offers a blend of ocean and river cruising on her ‘Trois-Rivières de France’ cruise departing from Tilbury. Stroll through the coastal port of Honfleur and sail the Loire to Nantes. Follow the trail of the Gironde to the world capital of wine, Bordeaux and enjoy a trip along the Seine, one of the most romantic waterways in the world. Let’s learn more about these charming French waterways and what we can expect as Aegean Odyssey sails them in 2018.


River Seine

The Seine is the third longest river in France and it flows north-westerly, through Paris and to the Normandy coast before emptying into the English Channel. The Seine is probably the most important river in Northern France (and one of the most romantic) and it has been since the Middle Ages.

It’s approximately 485 miles long and has a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage sites running along its banks, they include: Le Havre, Palace and Park of Versailles, Chartes Cathedral, Palace of Fontainebleau and Provins.

The river has a rich and very long history that is believed to date back 500,000 years ago – it even seen the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Today, the Seine remains at the heart of French life and culture and the port of Le Havre is France’s largest international shipping port. Since 2002, a modern tradition has been upheld which includes the introduction of sand, palm trees and beach chairs to the pedestrian banks of the river, creating an urban paradise known as Paris Plages.

Eiffel Tower, Paris.

River Gironde

The Gironde is a historic maritime route that is largely thanks to King Henry II. After his accession to the English throne, the Gironde estuary became the main access route between Aquitaine and England and it remained so for 300 years.

Like the Seine, the Gironde is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Bordeaux, the town of Saint-Emilion and the town of Blaye. Comprehensive tours in Bordeaux are included on this sailing, but there is an optional tour to the town of Saint-Emilion.

It’s approximately 75km long and is formed when the rivers Dordogne and Garonne meet. As well as featuring a selection of impressive UNESCO sites, the river also showcases many prestigious wine estates such as Chateau La Louvière, Chateau Haut Bailly, Chateau Carbonnieux and Chateau Latour-Martillac.  The river is also dotted with many small fishing huts.

Fishing hut on the Gironde River

Loire River

The Loire is the longest river in France and it sits approximately 4,500 feet above sea level. It’s one of the country’s most beautiful and the Loire valley is often referred to as the “Garden of France” because of the abundance of vineyards and fruit orchards that line the banks of the river. As you traverse, you will also find over 300 beautiful chateaux, each with its own incredible architectural features that range from early medieval to the Renaissance periods.

The Loire valley has been inhabited since the Middle Palaeolithic period and in 2000, UNESCO added the central part of the Loire River valley, between Chalonnes-sur-Loire and Sully-sur-Loire, to its distinguished list of World Heritage Sites.

Aegean Odyssey will sail the Loire and dock in Nantes for a full day visit in Chateaux country.

Loire River

Aegean Odyssey will sail on her ‘The Three Rivers (Trois-Rivières de France)‘ cruise in August 2018. Sailing from the port of Tilbury (London), she will visit Rouen, Honfleur, Nantes and Bordeaux, in France, before visiting San Sebastian, in Spain and Oporto and Lisbon, in Portugal.

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